Value of Precision

Value of Precision 825 800 Grunberger Diamonds

Now more than ever, younger consumers are conducting extensive research on the companies they intend to purchase products from. They’re actively seeking out companies who are committed to being transparent with customers and producing ethically-sourced, high-quality products. At Grunberger Diamonds, we guarantee an unmatched level of precision. All of our stones meet stringent sourcing, cutting, and…

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Size Matters Not

Size Matters Not 150 150 Grunberger Diamonds

While some jewelry manufacturers might think a diamond under a third of a carat doesn’t need to be cut with razor-sharp precision, Grunberger does. Homogeneity is important to diamond setters, says Grunberger, because it saves time in matching diamonds for their finished jewelry. The final look of a finished piece of jewelry is improved, particularly…

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