Value of Precision


Value of Precision

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Now more than ever, younger consumers are conducting extensive research on the companies they intend to purchase products from. They’re actively seeking out companies who are committed to being transparent with customers and producing ethically-sourced, high-quality products.

At Grunberger Diamonds, we guarantee an unmatched level of precision. All of our stones meet stringent sourcing, cutting, and sorting criteria. Members of the Responsible Jewellery Council are frequently audited to ensure compliance with ethical standards, transparency and traceability. Grunberger Diamonds has consistently and successfully proven that our supply chain remains committed to open manufacturing standards. 

Here’s an overview of what you can expect from us:


We purchase very specific types of rough from a select group of suppliers we’ve had a relationship with for decades. This helps us know exactly what we are buying, virtually eliminating any chance that foreign or unnatural products enter our system. All of our rough come from guaranteed conflict-free sources that are in full compliance with the Kimberley Process.


Our company is vertically integrated, meaning we do not rely on outside sources or companies through production. Unlike many other melee diamond manufacturers, we inspect, cut, and polish each stone with the same precision, all under one roof.

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As one of the first manufacturers of Ideal Cut melee with Hearts and Arrows, the Grunberger Precision Cut ® was created with the desire to bring out the best in what a diamond has to offer. The perfect homogeneity and reliability of our cut maximizes the brilliance within all jewelry pieces.

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Once out of production, an inspection team sorts our stones into more than 40 qualities. They are then shipped to our headquarters in Antwerp Belgium, where they undergo another rigorous quality control process.  Sorting teams working at our sales offices in the U.S. and Japan reinspect every single stone before we finally send them out to our clients worldwide.

Precision and consistency remain the core values encompassing Grunberger Diamonds. Over 75 years, we have grown from a small outlet in Antwerp to a global firm maintaining the highest quality in sourcing, cutting, and sales of our products. We pride ourselves on being a company that operates at the highest ethical levels in the industry and standing at the forefront of providing top quality products and service to our clients.

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