Valentine’s Day Custom Design Trends You’ll Want to Know About

Valentine’s Day Custom Design Trends You’ll Want to Know About

Valentine’s Day Custom Design Trends You’ll Want to Know About 1170 628 Grunberger Diamonds

Boost Valentine’s Day Sales by Promoting Your Custom Designs Now

43% of Millennials say Valentine’s Day is the ideal day to propose or to be proposed to.  Millennials are also the generation most likely to choose a custom engagement ring, as they place a high value on unique, personalized experiences. Put those two facts together and the result is clear: it’s time to promote your custom jewelry creations.

Obviously, engagement rings are going to be a top priority item, but don’t forget to draw your customers’ attention to all the other romantic possibilities. Diamonds still appeal after you’ve tied the knot and Valentine’s Day is the ideal time to celebrate with custom pendants, bracelets or earrings.

2020 Romantic Jewelry Trends: What Brides to Be Want Now

Creating custom engagement rings means giving your clients exactly what they want – and your clients are influenced by the wedding jewelry they see their favorite celebrities wearing, Instagram and Pinterest posts, and of course, what they see their friends and colleagues wearing.

Top trends that are proving to have some staying power: the colorful engagement ring, where a large fine colored gemstone is surrounded by a shimmering row of Ideal Cut melee diamonds. Create an all-diamond version by choosing pink, yellow, or blue diamonds.

Couples seeking a sleek, sophisticated look for their wedding jewelry are going minimalist. These engagement rings have an architectural feel, with a single stone flanked by a few carefully chosen melee diamonds set in a very simple band. When a design features fewer stones, each one must do more than its fair share to contribute to the beauty of the ring. As the world’s leading provider of Ideal Cut Melee Diamonds with Hearts & Arrows, we pride ourselves on the beauty, precision, and brilliance of our product.

Boost Custom Sales with Smart Gift Suggestions

Valentine’s Day is for everyone! Boost demand for your Valentine’s Day custom orders by reminding your customers that lasting love is worth celebrating. A gorgeous diamond pendant, pave brooch, or right-hand ring can make a gorgeous Valentine’s Day gift for the couple that’s been together forever as well as those who are just starting their relationship.

What makes Grunberger Diamonds the best melee diamonds for your Valentine’s Day custom orders? You’ll love our consistent and perfect Hearts & Arrows pattern. When viewed through the Hearts & Arrows scope, 8 hearts are visible when viewed from the pavilion and 8 arrows are visible when viewed from the table. Our Ideal Cut Diamonds with Hearts and Arrows bring unparalleled fire and brilliance to your jewelry.

Important: For your rush orders!

We know that a certain percentage of Valentine’s Day sales are always last minute. Grunberger Diamonds is here to help you say YES to every customer. We same day ship all orders, with no minimum purchase required.

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