New Year, New Diamonds

New Year New Diamonds

New Year, New Diamonds

New Year, New Diamonds 1080 502 Grunberger Diamonds

Discover the Power of Precision

As the holiday season draws to a close, it’s time to start thinking ahead to what 2020 will mean for your company. If you’re planning to shine a little brighter, and become a bigger, more profitable venture, one way to achieve that growth is by partnering with suppliers who make it easier and faster to do your best work.

Who wins in the competitive jewelry manufacturing industry? We’ve seen time and time again that it’s the manufacturer who provides the best possible product at the most reasonable cost. A determining factor in the cost of your product is labor. This is particularly true with pave designs, which feature a multitude of small diamonds. Our position, which is borne out of 80 years of experience serving the fine jewelry industry, is that precision cut melee diamonds allow for a more efficient manufacturing process which saves you money and boosts your profitability.

We suggest that you put us to the test. We’re proud to put our product up against any other ideal cut melee diamonds. Have your team create one of your designs using Grunberger Diamonds. Time how long your team takes and compare this to the time it takes them to create the same piece using someone else’s diamonds.

You’ll find that our high-precision process results in a consistent product that saves you time. When you look at how much time you save on a single piece, and then multiply that to reflect a production run, that total can be eye-opening. Consider that total in terms of your labor costs, and the power of precision becomes very clear. When you’re working with products that fit your settings quickly and reliably, manufacturing designs with melee diamonds becomes more profitable.

We know that demand for smaller diamonds is up. The De Beers Diamond Insights report tells us that the number of engagement rings sold with a main stone over one carat fell from 42% in 2013 to 33% in 2017. These ring buyers still want a lot of sparkle and flash – that’s where the melee diamond truly proves its worth to the jewelry manufacturer. Grunberger Ideal Cut Diamonds are available in 40 different qualities. They can be calibrated to within .00250 of a millimeter. And of course, they’re gorgeous. For more information and to evaluate our stones for yourself, please fill out this form.