Integrity Matters Now More Than Ever: Our Promise

Integrity Matters Now More Than Ever: Our Promise

Integrity Matters Now More Than Ever: Our Promise 821 476 Grunberger Diamonds

The public health crisis has shaken up the diamond industry, exposing vulnerabilities in global supply chain networks. And in a market where reputation means everything, you can’t risk any missteps in quality control and service.

With Grunberger Diamonds, you can be rest assured knowing you’ll always receive the best: always new; always natural; always brilliant.

From sourcing the rough ourselves to operating our own production facilities, we control all aspects of our supply chain — guaranteeing that every single diamond conforms to the highest cut criteria. It’s a promise we’ve kept since 1945.

Our rough diamonds come exclusively from a select group of suppliers we’ve had relationships with for decades. This helps us know exactly what we are buying, significantly reducing any chance that foreign or unnatural goods will find their way into our inventory. But this is not our only safeguard against synthetics. Because of our diamonds’ unique cut, it would be virtually impossible for synthetic diamonds to find their way into our inventory and not be spotted in the sorting process.

Of course, as certain as we are that these safeguards will prevent synthetics from ever entering our inventory, we do understand that nothing is better than peace of mind and extra assurance.

Back at our headquarters in Antwerp, Belgium, every diamond goes through the M-Screen+, a state-of-the-art machine that screens, sorts, and singles out stones that might be synthetic.

Learn more about Grunberger Diamonds’ M-Screen+.

Last year, we achieved Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC) Certification by meeting the highest ethical, social, and environmental standards set forth by the international nonprofit. Being a RJC member reinforces our unwavering commitment to human rights and ethical business practices.

At Grunberger Diamonds, your reputation means everything.During these trying and uncertain times, we are committed to providing you peace of mind, as well as the consistency and expert craftsmanship our clients have relied on for the last 75 years.

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