What Makes Women Buy Diamond Jewelry for Themselves?

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What Makes Women Buy Diamond Jewelry for Themselves?

What Makes Women Buy Diamond Jewelry for Themselves? 1500 1500 Grunberger Diamonds

Understanding Self-Purchasing Behavior – Be Ready for March is Me!

Once upon a time, women primarily acquired diamonds via gifting. Whether it was the engagement ring, anniversary band, or custom design crafted for a birthday or other special occasion, it was traditional for women to be at least one degree removed from the purchasing process.

Today, the situation is radically different. As women now have higher levels of purchasing power and personal independence, they also are buying more diamond jewelry for themselves. Glamour Magazine reports that in 2018, MVI Marketing, which provides consumer research on luxury goods and jewelry, found that 51% of millennial women with a household income of $75,000 or more purchase their own accessories, from rings to necklaces to bracelets.

March is Me – The WJA Campaign to Encourage Women to Buy Themselves Diamonds

As part of their ongoing effort to advance the jewelry and watch industry, the WJA is rolling out an international campaign to encourage women to buy fine jewelry for themselves. March is Me is about empowering women to use their voices and do things for themselves.

In the retail environment, this can mean purchasing fine jewelry, such as right-hand rings, or commissioning custom pieces. Millennials – the demographic most likely to be self-purchasers – are also the biggest fans of custom jewelry.

The key to appealing to these customers? Be willing to communicate through a variety of digital channels, keeping time-consuming in-person meetings purposeful and to a minimum. Value is also very important to the Millennial shopper. If they’re going to spend money, they want to get the best possible quality and make the most of their budget. Be aware that these shoppers are also researchers. Often social conscious, they want to be sure that the products they select are ethically and environmentally responsible.

On top of this, of course, the jewelry must be breathtakingly beautiful, flawlessly made, and of the highest quality. And the customer service experience must be just as top notch. But jewelers are a special group – inspired artists who deliver gorgeous jewelry on an often-impossible timeline.

Grunberger Diamonds helps you make the magic happen with our Ideal Excellent Cut Melee Diamonds. Our product boasts the most brilliance and best light performance. Grunberger Precision Cut® diamonds are known for the consistent and perfect Hearts & Arrows pattern – one of the hallmarks of quality that’s so appealing to the self-purchasing woman. Our behind the scenes support includes same-day shipping for all orders. We have four sales offices around the world and the logistical acumen to ensure you get your diamonds in the safest, most efficient manner.

To learn more about the process by which your Ideal Cut Precision Melee Diamonds reach you, read this. The process is exactly the same for every customer, large and small – after all, consistent precision is kind of our thing.

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