The Fashion World Is Fast. Grunberger Diamonds Makes You Faster.

Ideal Cut Melee Diamonds Set in Yellow Gold Chevron Rings

The Fashion World Is Fast. Grunberger Diamonds Makes You Faster.

The Fashion World Is Fast. Grunberger Diamonds Makes You Faster. 1500 1500 Grunberger Diamonds

When the Fast Fashion phenomenon began, there were many who said it wasn’t relevant to the fine jewelry industry. Clothing can be produced very rapidly; the same is true for footwear and accessories. Jewelry operates on a different, slower timeline.

The only problem with this proposition is the immediate nature of customer demand. They want what they want, and they want it now. The manufacturing jeweler who can best help their brand and retail customers satisfy trend-driven demand is one who can produce superior product quickly, at a price point that makes sense.

The Impact of Melee Diamond Selection on Speed to Market

It’s important to consider melee diamonds from a variety of perspectives. For the moment, let us set aside the aesthetic considerations and focus on how melee diamond selection can impact your facility’s workflow.

The work begins when you open the parcel – are the stones you’re looking at what you expected in terms of quality, size, and cut? At some point, each of these diamonds is going to be subject to a customer’s scrutiny. That’s why you have your own internal quality review processes – and because you do, you know that there are some vendors who provide product that takes longer to use confidently than others. If you want to save time at this point in the process, it’s a good idea to buy from a vendor with a proven track record for consistently providing high quality, high precision melee diamonds.

Once the diamonds have been accepted and put into production, the value of high precision becomes clear. While every design has some tolerance built in, having stones that are the exact right size makes meeting production objectives easier and faster. This is especially relevant if some portion your work force is still developing their skills.

A final factor to consider is how long it takes to get the melee diamonds you need when you need them. Because Grunberger Diamonds has facilities all around the world, we same-day ship. This speed is critical to enabling you to be agile and responsive to your clients’ needs in the demanding age of Fast Fashion.

Is Fast Fashion here to stay? Who can say? Fast Fashion is here now, and there are opportunities for the jewelry manufacturers who can produce great products on an accelerated timeline. We’re here to help you make it happen. To learn more about our Ideal Cut Melee Diamonds, including pricing information, please fill out the form below.