Don’t Lose Out on Last Minute Sales

White Gold Anniversary Band with Precision Ideal Cut Mele Diamonds

Don’t Lose Out on Last Minute Sales

Don’t Lose Out on Last Minute Sales 1200 628 Grunberger Diamonds

Last year, the National Retail Federation reported that 77% of shoppers planned to purchase their holiday gifts at the last minute. By the last minute, they mean less than two weeks before the holiday. When these customers come through your door seeking a very special gift of custom jewelry for their favorite someone, you want to be able to tell them yes – but do you have the systems in place to make the holiday magic happen?

Grunberger Diamonds: Making Life Better for Bench Jewelers

Creating exquisite custom jewelry requires artistry, superior goldsmithing skills, and prowess setting diamonds and gemstones. This is particularly true for the very trendy pave pieces that feature a multitude of small stones, as well as for channel set diamonds, a popular feature on many engagement ring designs. When you’re working under time pressure, it becomes clear how vital precision cut melee diamonds are – every extra minute you spend at the bench tweaking the tiny setting to accept a stone that’s just a bit too large or a tiny touch too small is a minute that puts you closer to missing your deadline.

Grunberger Diamonds specializes in high precision Ideal Cut melee diamonds. We’re known for our precision – you always get exactly what you order. Our tolerances are the tightest in the industry, and we pride ourselves on our consistency. You get the same excellent product whether you’re buying a single diamond or hundreds of them.

Consistent high precision means setting our diamonds is a simple, seamless process. You don’t have to spend extra time at the bench fussing with the settings for dozens of stones. This means you can tell your customers who are seeking a sparkling diamond brooch, custom engagement ring, or other gift of fine jewelry that you can absolutely, positively get it done for them. We same-day ship all orders.

You make the holiday magic happen. We’re here to help. To tell us what you need for your custom orders, click here.