Grunberger Diamonds Japan Wins the 10th Nippon Export Award

Grunberger Diamonds Japan Wins the 10th Nippon Export Award

Grunberger Diamonds Japan Wins the 10th Nippon Export Award 4928 3280 Grunberger Diamonds

A Perfect Merger of Belgian and Japanese Craftsmanship

We’re pleased and honored to announce that Grunberger Diamonds Japan has won the Nippon Export Award. This recognition came as a result of our work, as a Belgian company, to bring the best Ideal Cut melee diamonds into Japan. We’re grateful and proud to have been chosen by the Belgian-Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce in Japan for this honor.

In Just 6 Short Years, So Much Has Been Accomplished

Even though we’ve been producing high quality melee diamonds since 1945, it was only 6 years ago that our dedicated Grunberger Diamonds Japan began work. In that short time, we became what Belgian-Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce President Fabrice Tilot called a brand with continuous growth, adding, “Their numerous collaborations with Japanese artists are a perfect merger of Belgian and Japanese craftsmanship. New initiatives including their own jewelry lines show that more growth is to be expected the coming years. On top of that the company honors a true family spirit and shows a lot of enthusiasm.”

`Winning’ is not about being better than others or empowering our ego’s hunger for success. Winning is about giving the best of yourself. Always.

 “Creativity and trust have been two key components in establishing our business in Japan,” says Grunberger Diamonds Japan President Simon Grunberger. “To be creative, we need to allow ourselves to stay outside our comfort zone so we can keep seeing things with a fresh pair of eyes.

The trust factor is fundamental in Japan. Through its Ideal Cut diamonds and dedicated customer service, Grunberger Diamonds Japan has been able to establish a deep connection in all its relationships. Our Cut is so consistent and unique, that we were able for the first time in diamond history, to establish a brand name for small melee diamonds.

The `Grunberger Precision Cut’ ® as we call it, has become a brand name that has become a selling tool for jewelers all over Japan and a source of reliability for their clientele.

Japan being known for its amazing and ancient craftsmanship, we did not want to pass on having the opportunity and honor, to collaborate with traditional companies and amazing talented artists. These human and cultural experiences have enriched us as a company and we are looking forward for many more collaborations in the future.”

In January 2020, Grunberger Jewels, our own high-end jewelry brand, will launch in Japan. This is an exciting new chapter for our company, and we’d like to thank our customers all around the world for their enthusiasm and support.