The Value of Authenticity

The Value of Authenticity

The Value of Authenticity 2049 1537 Grunberger Diamonds

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As a fourth generation partner at Grunberger Diamonds, I want to share my thoughts on where I see our industry shifting to meet the demands of today’s luxury consumers.

The June issue of Rapaport Magazine, “Spotlight on Gen Z,” did a great job highlighting changes the diamond industry must make to compete with other luxury sellers. A key takeaway from the issue: authenticity, transparency, and integrity are major factors in the buying compass among young people. For Gen Z-ers, 66% root their buying decisions in the quality of the brand along with 85% weighing heavily the authenticity. Ultimately , when it comes to diamond jewelry, the product, brand, and team all must authentic.

From our humble beginnings in Antwerp, Belgium, we’ve always stayed true to our roots. Our guarantee is authentic diamonds and through our vertical integration, our standards of quality, sourcing, and service have and will always remain at the highest level.

For John Sorich (@JohnnyOro), authenticity is at the heart of his stunning creations. We love the way he incorporates our Melee diamonds into his pieces:

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